Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 December 2002

1 Dynamite Dresden Die Tanke (DIY)
2 Lividity Second Cumming (Pussy Lover Part II) Morbid
3 Necro Schizma Mass Murderer Displeased
4 Mucupurulent Spine Of Madness Morbid
5 Impious The Deathsquad Hammerheart
6 Regurgitate 666 Casualities Relapse / Suburban
7 Dies Irae The Truth Metal Blade
8 Lowbrow Sex, Violence, Death,… Massacre
9 Grin Splitting Personality (DIY)
10 Symphorce Speak My Mind Metal Blade
11 Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith Destiny Faith Music
12 Elias Viljanen The Axemaster Lion
13 Last Millenium Suckers The Sucker In Me Is The Sucker In You Winged Skull
14 Foggy Bottom Parler à une fille comme toi (DIY)
15 Rude Boy System Stay Or Go Small Axe
16 Butch & Jean Charmin' Snakes (DIY)
17 Peter Hammill Unsteady Fie!
18 Union Youth Everything Too Short Eastwest
19 Luca Turilli Prophet Of The Last Eclipse Limb
19 Swarm Heaven's Cage Mausoleum
20 Dead To Fall Eternal Gates Of Hell Victory
21 Dead To Fall The Balance Theory Victory
22 Dead To Fall Words Ignored Victory


Dead To Fall


1 six-pack beer Brasserie Artisanale de Rédange courtesy of Radio ARA

1 CD by Rude Boy System courtesy of Kulturfabrik

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