Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 January 2003

1 Barcode Kreuzberg Hustlers Hardboiled / Diehard
2 Lowbrow Free Ride Massacre
3 Mighty Pussylickers Night Of The Vampire (DIY)
4 Fetuxion Melting Monstrous Abnormality Morku
5 Internal Suffering Vatican Bombardment Displeased
6 Cock And Ball Torture Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command Ablated
7 Mighty Pussylickers Kakadu an ech (DIY)
8 God Dethroned The Warcult Metal Blade
9 Mighty Pussylickers Le Frigogidaire (DIY)
10 dEFDUMp Seas, Roads And Mountainpeaks Self-Fulfillment
11 Toxkäpp Kuff d'Schmull Proll's Royce
12 Butch & Jean Here, There And Everywhere (DIY)
13 Peter Hammill Once You Called Me Fie!
14 Seventh Avenue Levy Your Soul From Hate Massacre
15 Swarm Dark Western Mausoleum
16 My Darkest Hate Built By Gods Massacre
17 My Darkest Hate Eye For An Eye Massacre
18 My Darkest Hate Fallen From Grace Massacre


Mighty Pussylickers, My Darkest Hate

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