Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 9 March 2003

1 dEFDUMp Seas, Roads And Mountainpeaks Self-Fulfillment
2 40 Grit Bomb Bottom Metal Blade
3 Stone Sour Monolith Roadrunner
4 The Coalfield My Great Cable Case Defiance
5 Dimension F3H Reaping The World Winds Hammerheart
6 Tourniquet Architeuthis Metal Blade
7 Rusty Cooley The Machine Lion
8 Engrave Half A Loaf Is Better Than None Defiance
9 Pn The Fingerless Glove Funtime
10 Kassierer Das Leben ist ein Handschuh Teenage Rebel
11 Cream Of The Cake Executing Every Black Revolutionist Winged Skull
12 Skinflicks Media Winged Skull
14 Terrorgruppe Love Machine Wolverine
15 ZSK Eve Of Destruction Wolverine
16 Bitume Love Is A Shield Vitaminepillen
16 Oi Polloi GLF Skuld
17 One Dimensional Man This Man In Me GammaPop
18 Daniel Johnston An Angel Cry Stress
19 Peter Hammill A Walk In The Dark Fie!
20 Joop Wolters Syntology Lion
21 Saga Return To Forever Steamhammer / SPV
22 Deluge The Memory Remains Tolerance
23 Kafka Impegno No!
24 Lanfear The Artefact Massacre
25 Lanfear Conscience Inc. Massacre




CD Tales From The Winged Skull courtesy of Winged Skull Records

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