Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 March 2003

1 Bloodflowerz Fatal Kiss Silverdust
2 Soul Season Back To You (DIY)
3 Couchgrass Ten Dollar Bill (live)
4 Waterdown Transient Victory
5 Couchgrass Mr Yurgrave (live)
6 Bitume Elizabeth Dane Vitaminepillen
7 Couchgrass Sukram (live)
8 Sloggy Picnic In Space Hell On Wheels
9 Couchgrass Jesus Superchrist (live)
10 Lab Beat The Boys Drakkar
11 Toxkäpp Friess oder stierw Winged Skull
12 Oliver Twist The Fall Of The Tightrope Artist Nova
13 Robocop Kraus Poor Soul Relax Swing DeLuxe
14 Poshblokes Straight In Your Face (DIY)
15 Ikara Colt One Note Fantastic Plastic
16 Daniel Johnston Art Peace Stress
17 Van der Graaf The Wave Charisma
18 Giant Sand Center Of The Universe Restless
19 Somehow Hollow Busted Stereos And Myself Victory
20 Refused Liberation Frequency Burning Heart
21 Narziss A Sign From Above Circulation
22 Killed By Malaise (Track 3) (DIY)



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