Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 April 2003

1 Something Under My Bed My Photograph (DIY)
2 Make Up Born On The Floor K
3 d-fact Don't Deny What They Ask Millewee
4 One Dimensional Man You Kill Me GammaPop
5 A Furnished Soul War Among Us (DIY)
6 Mad X-Ray Box Of Frosted Glass Noiseworks
7 Lucky Sperms Berserk
8 Peter Hammill Wendy And The Lost Boy Fie!
9 Paprika Korps Commin Inna He impreuna
10 Hybrid Freak Division Riot Lion
11 Deverova Chyba Kochat Se Noiseworks
12 Coalfield My Great Cable Case Defiance
13 Below The Sea Let It Happen Where Are My Records
14 Fetuxion Rectrorenal Cranium Perfusion Morku
15 Forstella Ford Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bestower Flowerviolence
16 moussevingt Jump Down ILL
17 moussevingt Lovesongstothemachines ILL
18 moussevingt Midi vrai ILL
19 moussevingt Réarrangez votre monde! ILL




2 CD-sets lovesongsformachines pt. i and ii courtesy of moussevingt

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