Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 June 2003

1 Five Days Off Day By Day Funtime
2 Friendly Bears Crustacean Nihilist Society Ricecontrol
3 Harkonen Baristas Get Stalked Hydrahead / Conspiracy
4 Mob Raging Eyes Tumbleweed
5 Alchemist Older Than The Ancients Relapse / Suburban
6 Neighbour Rosicky Halfway Kiddies Christopher's Records
7 Silverstein Smashed Into Pieces Victory
8 Robocop Kraus Fake Boys L'Age D'Or
9 Buck Second Place Is The First Loser Kasual
10 Undertow Stand By Silverdust
11 Fluf Reach Around Red Can
12 Kreator Under The Guillotine Steamhammer / SPV
13 Cat Power Cross Bones Style Matador
14 Groovy Ghoulies Devil Town Lookout!
15 Daniel Johnston Bloody Rainbow Trikont
16 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill Where Fie!
17 Soon Minor Operatives Funtime
18 John Arch Relentless Metal Blade
19 Monochrome Angelfire Transsolar / Conspiracy
20 Dying Fetus One Shot, One Kill Relapse / Suburban
21 Dying Fetus Schematics Relapse / Suburban
22 Dying Fetus Stop At Nothing Relapse / Suburban


Dying Fetus

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