Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 17 August 2003

1 Dillinger Escape Plan Monticello Relapse / Suburban
2 Disfear Misanthropic Generation Relapse / Suburban
3 Nasum Living Next Door To Malice Relapse / Suburban
4 Regurgitate Deviant Malpractice Relapse / Suburban
5 Sepultura Bullet The Blue Sky Steamhammer / SPV
6 Handsome Hank Mongoloid Eastwest
7 Daniel Johnston Casper Stress
8 Peter Hammill You Hit Me Where You Live Line
9 Octavia Nebula (DIY)
10 Karnak Pollen Of My Penis Twelfth Planet
11 Caliban Forsaken Horizon Lifeforce
12 Ganesha Doux Leurre (DIY)
13 Freya April Witch Victory
14 Engrave Half A Loaf Is Better Than None Defiance
15 Poshblokes Oh Lord Winged Skull
16 Lacuna Too Stable One Take
17 Glasseater Greetings... Goodbye Victory
18 2-Ton Predator Ready To Die Diehard
19 Spineshank Smothered Roadrunner
20 Doomsword In The Battlefield Dragonheart
21 Magus Beast Assault Attack (DIY)
22 Kreator Terrible Certainty Steamhammer / SPV
23 Terrorwheel Say No To Religion Massacre
24 Terrorwheel Backstabber Massacre
25 Terrorwheel Under A Crimson Sky Massacre




1 compilation CD Sound Explosion (Lifeforce Records) courtesy of Hard Life Promotion

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