Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 August 2003

1 Snapcase The Interrogation Victory
2 Gojira Embrace The World Boycott
3 Exhumed Under The Knife Relapse / Suburban
4 Zeenon Alienated (DIY)
5 Kvetoslav Doleisi Taty Noiseworks
6 Phantom Something Like Elvis Post_Post
7 Alpine Those Myriads! Love Is A Fascist Invention Osito
8 Daniel Johnston Casper Polygram
9 Peter Hammill & Guy Evans You Think Not? Date
10 Morph Neue Welt Tumbleweed
11 Cuba Missouri Move On Noiseworks
12 Lewd Prank Disconnected Tropical
13 Killtime Sewer Winged Skull
14 Last Millennium Suckers Beggars Can't Be Choosers Winged Skull
15 Cranck Naked Brain Funtime
16 Face Tomorrow Worth The Wait Reflections
17 Donnas Skintight Lookout!
18 Cosmic Ballroom I Can't Keep My Hands Away Roasting House
19 Junior Senior Boy Meets Girl Crunchy Frog
20 Snowdogs Average Kid Victory
21 Crying Nut (CD 1 - Track 4) Drug
22 RockTigers (Track 3) Drug
23 Lost At Last Shit To Kill (DIY)
24 Sulaco Patience Worn Thin Relapse / Suburban
25 AtmOsfear Circumcision Gecko


1 compilation CD Sub.Routine.14 courtesy of Noiseworks Records

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