Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 October 2003

1 Today Is The Day Maggots And Riots Relapse / Suburban
2 Halo Meat Relapse / Suburban
3 Theory Of Ruin Type A Male Escape Artist / Conspiracy
4 American Heritage Dead Men Wear Tags House Of Stairs
5 FOE Bloodmoss House Of Stairs
6 Friendly Bears Horse Ricecontrolt
7 Muga Resuscitation Relapse / Suburban
8 Prostitute Disfigurement Inside To Expose Morbid
9 Assert Lean On Me Hardboiled / Diehard
10 Guv'nors Blame The British Lucky Seven / Diehard
11 The Crown Face Of Destruction / Deep Hit Of Death Metal Blade
12 As I Lay Dying Elegy Metal Blade
13 Eidolon Scream From Within Metal Blade
14 d-fact Don't Deny What They Ask Millewee
15 Darkest Hour Pay Phones And Pills Victory
16 Daniel Johnston Cathy Cline Gammon
17 Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge Pop City / Connewitz 9pm
18 Mick Thomas And The Sure Thing The Lonely Goth twah!
19 Robocop Kraus Fake Boys (Fake Radio Mix) L'Age D'Or
20 Slave To The Square Wave Twice In A Lifetime (DIY)
21 Remember Twilight Der Wahnsinn lebt (DIY)
22 Burnt By The Sun Forlani Relapse / Suburban
23 Burnt By The Sun Washington Tube Steak Relapse / Suburban
24 Burnt By The Sun Rev 101 Relapse / Suburban


Burnt By The Sun


3 CDs by Assert courtesy of Hardboiled / Diehard Records

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