Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 November 2003

1 Amon Amarth Death In Fire Metal Blade
2 All Out War Straight Towards Extinction Victory
3 Turbostaat Wieso Herbst? Schiffen
4 Kassierer Mein schöner Hodensack Teenage Rebel
5 Dionysos Fais pas ci Noise Product
6 Lucky Sperms Coffee Cup Jagjaguwar
7 Holger Hansen Dunkel/Licht Musenhain
8 Logh At This My Arm Was Weakened Bad Taste
9 Waawe Program: Survive Noiseworks
10 Awful Noise Sweet (DIY)
11 Most Secret Method (Track 15) Christopher's Records
12 FOE Wasp-Eating Bulldog House Of Stairs
13 Tiger Fernandez Scenic Pastures Christopher's Records
14 Bouncing Souls Kids And Heroes Epitaph
15 Chief Mart's Clarence Hair Sharktea
16 Ganesha Lumière Skipworth
17 Between The Buried And Me Ad A Dglgmut Victory
18 Jakov Goodnight Winterschweden Red Can
19 Lord Bishop And The Rockadelic Kings Shot Down Noiseworks
20 Hoods E Pugne Limpio Victory
21 Friendly Bears Horse Ricecontrol
22 Friendly Bears Crustacean Nihilist Society Ricecontrol
23 Friendly Bears Daughter Laughter Ricecontrol


Friendly Bears

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