Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 December 2003

1 Biohazard Kill Or Be Killed Steamhammer / SPV
2 Crown Natashead Overdrive Metal Blade
3 Sulaco Motion In The Grid Relapse / Suburban
4 Fragments Of Unbecoming The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway Metal Blade
5 Morifade Parallels Karmageddon
6 Symphorce Whatever Hate Provides Metal Blade
7 Eric Zimmerman Man On The Silver Mountain Lion
8 Shining Fury Rosanna Metal Blade
9 Nuclear Assault Hang The Pope Steamhammer / SPV
10 Narziß A Sign From Above Circulation
11 Ken Mode Brainstem Pitch Fork Escape Artist
12 American Heritage Anti-American Girl Place House Of Stairs
13 Mass Buttlip Monotreme
14 Daniel Johnston Cosmic Kid Stress
15 Lower Forty-Eight If I Dare Monotreme
16 Sixtoys Break Out Craze
17 Streetlight Manifesto The Saddest Song Victory
18 Alchimie Terroriste terrorisé (DIY)
19 Muff Potter Young Until I Die Huck's Plattenkiste
20 Kassierer How Does It Feel? Teenage Rebel
21 Assert Lean On Me Hardboiled / Diehard
22 Nasum Scoop Relapse / Suburban
23 Halo Man Whore Relapse / Suburban
24 Eidolon Volcanic Earth Metal Blade
25 Eidolon Apathy For A Dying World Metal Blade



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