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Playlist 11 January 2004

1 Le Singe Blanc Bro´d Acracia
2 Rescuetheanne Rock'n'Roll Lovers One Take
3 Logh The Bones Of Generations Bad Taste
4 Hypnos 69 Paralyse Rock'n'Roll Radio
5 Cornflames Waterproof Elegance Funtime
6 Freya April Witch Victory
7 Premonitions Of War Layover Victory
8 Realized Good Mob Perdition Relapse / Suburban
9 Mortician Massacred Relapse / Suburban
10 Monstrosity Awaiting Armageddon Metal Blade
11 Vader Son Of Fire Metal Blade
12 Gorerotted Only Tools And Corpses Metal Blade
13 Criminal Aberration Metal Blade
14 The Crown Deliverance Metal Blade
15 Fleshcrawl Flesh Bloody Flesh Metal Blade
16 Immense Shave The Gong Conspiracy
17 Daniel Johnston Crazy Love Atlantic
18 Erdbeert÷rtchen Cruebel Tumbleweed
19 Monno Trail Subdeviant / Conspiracy
20 Ramesses Master Your Demons HCP
21 Klang Siamese Boycott
22 Mister Kite The Hunger (Radio Edit) Lion
23 Himsa Dominion Join The Teamplayer
24 Mystic Circle Beyond The Black Dawn Massacre
25 Mystic Circle Awaken By Blood Massacre
26 Mystic Circle Wings Of Death Massacre


Mystic Circle

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