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Playlist 11 April 2004

1 d-fact Don't Deny What They Ask Millewee
2 Atreyu Lipgloss & Black Victory
3 Taking Back Sunday You're So Last Summer Victory
4 Heartbreakdisco Sound Of Love Schumacher / Quartermain
5 Destiny Your Diary Lifeforce
6 Rival State Of Mind Metal Blade
7 Anvil Can't Catch Me Massacre
8 Machine Men Against The Freaks Dynamic Arts
9 Nasty Savage Anguish Metal Blade
10 Blaze Alive Steamhammer / SPV
11 Octavia The Future Is (DIY)
12 David Kosteljanetz One Night Only Lo-Fai / Quartermain
13 Butch & Jean Paint The Town (DIY)
14 Daniel Johnston Despair Came Knocking Stress
15 Ensign In A Free Land Join The Teamplayer
16 Zeke All Night Long Relapse / Suburban
17 Nasum Relics Relapse / Suburban
18 Ramesses Ramesses II HCP
19 Neurosis & Jarboe Erase Neurot / Conspiracy
20 Torchbearer Bearer Of The Torch Metal Blade
21 Crown Face Of Destruction - Deep Hit Of Death Metal Blade
22 Disillusion And The Mirror Cracked Metal Blade


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