Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 April 2004

1 Drive Until He Sleeps Dead Pop Club (DIY)
2 Yellow Press The Heat Is Killing Me Christopher's Records
3 K.N.S.K. Chouhatu (Promo)
4 Ché Hydraulicks Man's Ruin
5 Sloth 2 more "songs" Shifty
6 Sonic Youth Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit Geffen
7 Undergod Killing Me Rabazco
8 Sharko Wake Up Bang!
9 Daniel Johnston Desperate Man Blues Stress
10 Butch & Jean Quit Drinkin' (DIY)
11 Stella Apartment Politics L'Age D'Or
12 Mutabor Individuum Rabazco
13 Torpid Zwybaq Another dufte Torpid Platte by we show where's lang geht
14 Keelhaul Answer The Chicken Hydrahead / Conspiracy
15 Couchgrass Love Issues (DIY)
16 Sincere Can I Get Sony
17 Fear My Thoughts The Great Collapse Lifeforce
18 Fantômas Der Golem Ipecac
19 Fragments Of Unbecoming Insane Chaosphere Metal Blade
20 Nasty Savage Psycho Psycho Metal Blade
21 Nasty Savage Human Factor Metal Blade
22 Nasty Savage Savage Desire Metal Blade


Nasty Savage

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