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Playlist 25 April 2004

1 Soon The Inland Revenue Funtime
2 Heartbreakdisco Candlelight Schumacher / Quartermain
3 Oversized Brain In A Bottle Funtime
4 Cast-Down Recharge The Muses Funtime
5 Bloodjunkies Green & Grey I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
6 Zeke Dragonfly Relapse / Suburban
7 Texas Terri Bomb Never Shut Up I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
8 Great Kat Terror TPR
9 Cannibal Corpse Frantic Disembowelment Metal Blade
10 Suffocation To Weep Once More Relapse / Suburban
11 Torchbearer Assail The Creation Metal Blade
12 Disaster K.F.W. Hartlack Moonstorm / Rabazco
13 Wolf The Avenger Massacre
14 Butch & Jean Chat Room (DIY)
15 Daniel Johnston Devil Town Knitting Factory
16 Groovie Ghoulies Devil Town Springman
17 A Subtle Plague Devil Town World Service
18 When Skipjack Tripped Is This World Still Mine? Micropal
19 Blood Brothers Burn Piano Island Burn ArtistDirect
20 Champion Fourth Of July Join The Teamplayer
21 Herod We Are Those People Lifeforce
22 Cascades 4 Elements Rabazco
23 Down Below He's The Sun Rabazco
24 Bones Do You Wanna… I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
25 Uphill Battle Self Inflicted Relapse / Suburban
26 Uphill Battle Cross Hatching Relapse / Suburban
27 Uphill Battle Treshold Relapse / Suburban


Uphill Battle

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