Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 May 2004

1 Darkest Hour Marching To The Killing Rhythm Victory
2 Are We Electric First Reconfiguration Red Can
3 Blood Brothers The Salesman, Denver Max Artist Direct
4 Yellow Press Coyote vs Rabbit Christopher's
5 Razor Crusade Our Planet Intimate Reflections
6 Profession Reporter The Getaway Unter Schafen
7 Low Gravity Circus Hellrockbaby Monster Zero
8 Die Cheerleader Die Cheerleader Abstract Sounds
9 Mamasweed Supergroove (DIY)
10 Camp Hansen Autorenmusik Musenhain
11 Lord Bishop Sweet Georgia Brown Noiseworks
12 Timesickness Know What Ya Consume Winged Skull
13 Stasi/Disi Papamobil (DIY)
14 Frugopop Cheesy Like A Babybel Musenhain
15 The (International) Noise Conspiracy The Reproduction Of Death Burning Heart
16 Eyston Wolfgang Kundus (DIY)
17 Petrograd What About Me? Skunk
18 Octavia Provenance Of Hate (DIY)
19 Danielson Famile The Lord's Rest Secretly Canadian
20 Daniel Johnston A Little Story Stress
21 Butch & Jean Quit Gamblin' (DIY)
22 Disaster K.F.W. Doppelkorn Rabazco
23 Ensign Kids Don't Follow Join The Team Player
24 Anvil Bottom Feeder Massacre
25 Anvil Can't Catch Me Massacre
26 Anvil Fast Driver Massacre



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