Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 23 May 2004

1 Eläkeläiset Humppaelämää Tug
2 Boomhauer Gotta Hear The Music Humppa
3 Chumbawamba The Wizard Of Menlo Park Edel
4 Michael Gabriel Modern Living Vervetone
5 Metric Noise Johnny Dancer Poor / Quartermain
6 Ampersand Share Our Secrets Rakete
7 Endearment Crash Kids (DIY)
8 Fear My Thoughts Mission Immortality Lifeforce
9 Carcass Corporal Jigsore Quandary Earache
10 Suffocation Demise Of The Clones Relapse / Suburban
11 Dark Disciple Human Killing Machine Morbid
12 Vehemence Her Beautiful Eyes Metal Blade
13 Yellow Press Heads On Sticks Silver Skate
14 Texas Terri Bomb The Rocker People Like You
15 Alabama Thunder Pussy Wage Slave Relapse / Suburban
16 Bloodjunkies June Gloom People Like You
17 Daniel Johnston Don't Act Nice Stress
18 Like A Stuntman Oh! Brother What's So Funny About
19 Flying Virgins Lazy Star Quartermain
20 Center Jag Transport The Liver Machine (DIY)
21 Miami Golem Joy Of Painting Swell Creek
22 Miami Golem Nike Boy Swell Creek
23 Miami Golem Disorientation Swell Creek


Miami Golem


2 CDs Summer Tour 2003 courtesy of The Yellow Press

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