Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 20 June 2004

1 Elektrolochmann Remake My Day Transsolar / Conspiracy
2 Three Minute Poetry Moving On Defiance
3 Petrograd Uewerkuer Hungry Ghosts
4 Tokyo Sex Destruction Two Years Ago Transsolar
5 Magic Bullet Theory The Truth Is A White Lie Molotow
6 Less Appeal It's Me Again Meerwert
7 Zebulon Stitched Up People Like You
8 Hidden Hand Five Points Exile On Mainstream
9 Today Is The Day Birthright Relapse / Suburban
10 Neurosis Burn Relapse / Suburban
11 Ampersand No Integrity Rakete
12 Donna Summer Satan Cries Again Sonig
13 Eyston Hammerer Trans (DIY)
14 Time Of Orchids Banquet For The Back Of Neck Epicene
15 Daniel Johnston Dream Stress
16 Carcass Exhume To Consume Earache
17 A Perfect Murder Possessed Victory
18 Eldritch Slow Motion "K" Us Limb
19 Distant Thunder I Welcome The End Massacre
20 Camp Hansen Die Strassen von Sankt Musenhain
21 Vehemence Kill For God Metal Blade
22 Vehemence Darkness Is Comfort Metal Blade
23 Vehemence You Don't Have To Be Afraid Anymore Metal Blade



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