Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 August 2004

1 Mill Spacebar Blunoise / One Take
2 Klez.e Grün Loob
3 Mutabor Reagieren Rabazco
4 Down Below How To Die In Space Rabazco
5 Undergod Yuppie Trash Rabazco
6 Unearth Black Hearts Now Reign Metal Blade
7 Carcass Heartwork Earache
8 Cataract With Triumph Comes Loss Metal Blade
9 Dillinger Escape Plan Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants Relapse / Suburban
10 Necrophagist Only Ash Remains Relapse / Suburban
11 Atreyu Nevada's Grace Victory
12 A Perfect Murder Unbroken Victory
13 Raftside Cardiacpalpitation Winged Skull
14 Broken Stars Save Yourself Winged Skull
15 Off Minor Cadaveric Earthwatersky
16 Eyston Wolfgang Kundus (DIY)
17 Ganesha Ce que l'on dit n'est pas ce que l'on pense (DIY)
18 Daniel Johnston Easy Listening Knitting Factory
19 Trompetenvogel Trondheim Gelati Pippo (DIY)
20 Dina-3 Sexmonster (aus einer anderen Welt) (DIY)
21 Endearment Crash Kids Meerwert
22 Shoehouse Temptress Some Guy Down The Street
23 Heavils Space Heater Metal Blade
24 Victims Of Society I Don't Know Funtime
25 Timid Tiger Miss Murray Highcat
26 Timid Tiger Let The City Save Us Highcat
27 Timid Tiger Kelly Highcat


Timid Tiger

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