Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 31 October 2004

1 Mystic Circle Beyond The Black Dawn Massacre
2 Elektrolochmann Union Transsolar
3 Carnal Judgement Day With Satan Goregiastic
4 Clutch Big Fat Pig Spitfire
5 Enno Palucca Trommler von Beruf Broken Silence / Micropal
6 Congaking Ich will dein Rasenmäher sein Bong
7 Torso Fuck Raped By Elephants Goregiastic
8 Ponys Little Friends Red
9 American Heartbreak White Girl People Like You
10 Kitty Solaris No More Excuses (DIY)
11 Daniel Johnston Favorite Darling Girl Gammon
12 Die Art I Want My Planet Back Go Popular
13 Ophidian New Shores (DIY)
14 Torpid Luup Another dufte Torpid Platte by we show where's lang geht
15 Solea Apotheke Defiance
16 Mad X-Ray Snow Noiseworks
17 Upsilon Acrux Night Of The Goblin Planaria
18 Face Tomorrow Sign Up Reflection
19 Kate Mosh Down By The Lever Sinnbus
20 Souledge Minds Manipulation... Without Thoughts Goregiastic
21 Jon Oliva's Pain The Dark Steamhammer / SPV
22 Jon Oliva's Pain All The Time Steamhammer / SPV
23 Jon Oliva's Pain Slipping Away Steamhammer / SPV


Jon Oliva's Pain

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