Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 21 November 2004

1 Immense Shave The Gong Conspiracy
2 Boxhamsters Krazy Bad Moon
3 Böse Hand Fuck Off Industries Bad Moon
4 Kolkhorst Immer so enttäuscht Tapete
5 Heartbreakdisco Magnetic Hearts Quartermain
6 Amphibic Eden Haldern Pop
7 Das Pop All Wrong Francorchamps / Haldern Pop
8 Metric Noise Sick Son Quartermain
9 American Heartbreak Please Kill Me People Like You
10 Belvedere Three's A Crowd Union Local 2112
11 Psychopunch All Over Now Silverdust
12 Pipedown Transmission A-F
13 Daniel Johnston Fighting With Myself Stress
14 Ophidian Agony (DIY)
15 Amon Amarth The Fate Of Norns Metal Blade
16 Nihil Obstat Living The Fear Goregiastic
17 Impious Show Me Your God! Metal Blade
18 Caedere Mass Emission Goregiastic
19 Nasum The Engine Of Death Burning Heart
20 Impure Sexual Eschatology Goregiastic
21 Saproffago Morbid Feelings Goregiastic
22 Pustulated Mephilictophalus Goregiastic
23 Carrion Worship McCarthyism / Epicene
24 John McAsskill Bleiwasser (DIY)
25 Infidel?/Castro! The 49-Day Period Between Lives Epicene


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