Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 9 January 2005

1 Hypnos69 Paralyse Rock'n'Roll Radio
2 Orange Squad Mother Winged Skull
3 Broken Stars Birds Are Singing Me To Sleep Winged Skull
4 Fallen Acht gegen sechs Milliarden Unter Schafen
5 Ex-Inferis Blood Soaked Apostasy Dali / Noiseworks
6 Ex-Inferis Chants From The Beyond Dali / Noiseworks
7 Ex-Inferis Embers Of Eight Dali / Noiseworks
8 Ex-Inferis Selfmadegod Dali / Noiseworks
9 Rise-Up 4 Sale (F* Empty-V) Winged Skull
10 Footsteps Reaching For The Sky (DIY)
11 Ex-Inferis Stabbed By The Cross Dali / Noiseworks
12 Spyglass Hoffnung (DIY)
13 P.O. Box Death Promises Me A Better Place Winged Skull
14 Las Maņanitas Entkette mein Herz Noiseworks
15 Kunn & The Magic Muffins Piensieri Liberi Winged Skull
16 Waawe Now The Time Has Come To Reset Your Machine Noiseworks
17 Nasum Darkness Falls Burning Heart



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