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Playlist 16 January 2005

1 Stasi / Disi Grüss Gott! Wir sind die Handwerker! Plattenfritz
2 Enno Palucca Es war Mord Micropal
3 Woog Riots King Of Pop What's So Funny About
4 Knarf Rellöm How I Wrote Mark E. Smith Zick Zack
5 Darlo Raum Tapete
6 The Yellow Press Communique Christopher's Records
7 Hannes Orange Was ich meine Yeah!
8 Petrograd For Oil Hungry Ghosts
9 Frameless Go And Win (DIY)
10 Profession Reporter The Tourist Unter Schafen
11 High On Fire The Face Of Oblivion Relapse / Suburban
12 Mad X-Ray Snow Noiseworks
13 Hideous Mangleus Reforming (Cold Limbs) Goregiastic
14 District No Heart People Like You
15 Ophidian Wrong Time, Wrong Place (DIY)
16 Ex-Inferis Adonai Dali / Noiseworks
17 dEFDUMp Makeshift Polaris Self-Fulfillment
18 The Ed Random Band Superspastic Wolverine
19 Daniel Johnston For The Love Of Pete Stress
20 Molz Diver Noiseworks
21 Action Action Don't Cut Your Fabric Victory
22 Yucca Love Of Mud Magic Phone / Alien Elch
23 Buried Inside Time As Ideology Relapse / Suburban
24 Buried Inside Time As Methodology Relapse / Suburban
25 Buried Inside Time As Commodity Relapse / Suburban


Buried Inside

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