Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 May 2005

1 Razor Crusade This Is Not You, Holland Reflections
2 Losa Linear Prophecy Metal Blade
3 Tiger String Ensemble The Man With The Gold Earring (DIY)
4 Ganesha Spiritual Reflection Of A Sexual (Re)Action (DIY)
5 King Locust Ultralectual (DIY)
6 dEFDUMp Respect (DIY)
7 dEFDUMp Esse Self-Fulfillment
8 Maroon Endorsed By Hate Century Media
9 Eyston Youishe Noiseworks
10 Complete 2:29 - The Sunday Diary Last Effort
11 Nessaya feat. Emergenza Allstars Music Is Just What I Live For GUM
12 Chief Mart's Jean-Pierre 1000 (DIY)
13 Fast Friday Ego Kiss (DIY)
14 John McAsskill Zahnweh (DIY)
15 Inborn The Desert (DIY)


Reptile Festival, Get Up Music

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