Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 28 August 2005

1 Schwarz The Impossible Dream Astro Discos / Tumbleweed
2 Katze Der Brief What's So Funny About
3 Bluesbrothercastro More Decoder
4 Gem Summertime Haldern Pop
5 June Patrick Victory
6 Bayside Montauk Victory
7 Between The Buried And Me Selkies: The Endless Obsession Victory
8 Soilent Green They Lie To Hide The Truth Relapse / Suburban
9 Leng Tch'e PIMP Relapse / Suburban
10 Malice In Thunderland Psychosis Turkey Vulture
11 Desaster Conqueror's Supremacy Metal Blade
12 A Perfect Murder Wake Up And Die Victory
13 Nile Sacrifice Unto Sebek Relapse / Suburban
14 Lenny Kartoffelland Mutant Musik
15 Daniel Johnston Got To Go On Stress
16 Swallow The Sun Forgive Herů Firebox
17 Eternal Everlasting Firebox
18 Beyond Twilight The Dark Side Massacre
19 Griffin Dungeon Massacre
20 Spiritual Beggars Salt In Your Wounds InsideOut
21 Symphorce Your Cold Embrace Metal Blade
22 Symphorce Haunting Metal Blade
23 Symphorce No Shelter Metal Blade



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