Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 23 October 2005

1 Martyr AD Bring Out Your Dead Victory
2 LipService El Cortito (DIY)
3 LipService The Wet One (DIY)
4 LipService Red Shift (DIY)
5 LipService Joe DiMaggio (DIY)
6 LipService Chords & Kettles (DIY)
7 Bear Quartet Ask Me Don't Axe Me Decoder / West Side Fabrication
8 COEM C'mon Decoder / Evil Penguin
9 Mutiny On The Bounty World Domino Championship (DIY)
10 Lecter MD Is It Worth (DIY)
11 June You Had It Coming Victory
12 Amplifier Continuum Steamhammer / SPV
13 Burst The Immateria Relapse / Suburban
14 Callenish Circle Behind Lines Metal Blade
15 Bongzilla Stonesphere Relapse / Suburban
16 Daniel Johnston Happy Talk Stress
17 We Are The Musk Brigade Sand Dunes - Beef Balloons MT6
18 Scutopus Fraggle (DIY)




2 CDs courtesy of LipService

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