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Playlist 30 October 2005

1 Enno Palucca Es war Mord Broken Silence / Micropal
2 Mercury Program You Give Me Problems About My Business Kindercore
3 No Use For Humans Jihad (DIY)
4 Alamo Race Track Happy Accidents Excelsior
5 Subsonic A bout de souffle Rebel
6 Faced Amount About The Intersections To Come (DIY)
7 Los Los Macarena Drakkar
8 Trashmonkeys Song No. 1 L'Âge D'Or
9 Sick Of Society Feels Like Yesterday (DIY)
10 Gem Rise & Fall Excelsior
11 Boy Omega Waltz Of December Decoder / West Side Fabrication
12 Wax 369 (DIY)
13 John McAsskill Summerday 2000 Two (DIY)
14 Mutiny On The Bounty Horton Hears A Who (DIY)
15 Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow Set Sail Across The Universe (DIY)
16 Robocop Kraus Concerned You Secular Friends Unterm Durchschnitt
17 moussevingt Igloo ILL
18 Chief Mart's Niz Niz Sharktea
19 Barra Head All Is Not Lost Tumbleweed
20 Bolt Thrower Entrenched Metal Blade
21 Callenish Circle This Day You Regret Metal Blade
22 Callenish Circle Ignorant Metal Blade
23 Callenish Circle Schwarzes Licht Metal Blade


Callenish Circle

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