Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 November 2005

1 John McAsskill Summerday 2000 Two (DIY)
2 With Honor Like Trumpets Victory
3 Since The Flood Up In Arms Ironclad / Metal Blade
4 Skullshifter Engines (DIY)
5 Winterfell Threnody (DIY)
6 Cross X Snuff (DIY)
7 Capricorns The First Broken Promise Rise Above
8 Sheavy Spy vs Spy Rise Above
9 Whoremoan Killer Gorilla BURBs
10 Ringworm God Eat God Victory
11 Scars Of Tomorrow The False Love In Lust Victory
12 The Ocean The City In The Sea Metal Blade
13 Quantum Fantay Agapanthusterra Pete's Mushroomland
14 Daniel Johnston Happy Time Atlantic
15 Jaugernaut (A.D.) The Damage Is Done (DIY)
16 Arsebreed Vaginal Butchery Neurotic
17 Paths Of Possession Bring Me The Head Of Christ Metal Blade
18 Gun Barrel Dear Mr Devil Limb
19 Galloglass After Forever Limb
20 Local Boys To Please Myself Decoder
21 Local Boys Masturbate Decoder
22 Local Boys Bad Boys Decoder


Local Boys


1 CD by Skullshifter: Here In Hell, courtesy of Skullshifter

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