Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 February 2006

1 Fast Friday Distortions (DIY)
2 Low Gravity Circus All Them Monsters Monster Zero
3 Low Gravity Circus On/Off Monster Zero
4 Low Gravity Circus Frequency Stadium Cairo Monster Zero
5 Commando C#C Monster Zero
6 Low Gravity Circus Tractor Beam Revolution Monster Zero
7 Low Gravity Circus Hoarse Monster Zero
8 Sedan Vault Cynthia Ozick's Godawful City Funtime
9 Hack Mack Jackson Ich bin Jesus und kann alles Teenage Rebel
10 Nuclear Assault Long Haired Asshole Steamhammer / SPV
11 Daniel Johnston Honey I Sure Miss You Knitting Factory
12 Crash\Zendo Merci (DIY)
13 Echran Formant Ebria / Smallvoices
14 Action Action Oh My Dear It's Just Chemical Frustration Victory
15 Machinemade God Losses To Lessons Metal Blade
16 Fantastikol Hole Deka˙o Basement Apes
17 Exhale Hatet Emetic
18 Bathtub Shitter Time Out Shit Jam
19 Carnal Leftovers Lactose Intolerance Crash Landing
20 Scars Of Tomorrow The Constant Horror Of Reality Victory
21 Eyehategod I Am The Gestapo Emetic


Low Gravity Circus

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