Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 February 2006

1 Song To The Siren 10.000 Knives Karmacraft
2 Das Ich Cabaret Massacre
3 Fear My Thoughts Ghosts Of Time Lifeforce
4 Silence Is Welcome Suave (DIY)
5 Made Out Of Babies Swarm Neurot
6 Mock Orange Mind Is Not Brain Silver Three Sound
7 Lords Stigmata Rites Jade Tree
8 Scars Of Tomorrow The False Love In Lust Victory
9 Eisenpimmel Ich Arsch hab mir Fleisch gekauft Teenage Rebel
10 Fast Friday The Storyboard (DIY)
11 Coliseum Give Up And Drive Level Plane
12 Medley Jukebox 22 Gramms (DIY)
13 Red Sparowes Alone… Neurot
14 Ex-Inferis Delusions Of A Derelict Mind Dalitec
15 La Fa Connected Venez au charbon (DIY)
16 Broken Stars What's With The Tears Winged Skull


The Schalltot Collective

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