Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 March 2006

1 Freedom Call Carry On Steamhammer / SPV
2 Broken Stars It Will Be Too Late Winged Skull
3 Lord Bishop Rocks Forget About The Outside Phoenix
4 Seven Feet Four Electroshocks Coalition
5 Couchgrass AA (DIY)
6 Couchgrass Me And The Kids (DIY)
7 Couchgrass Bathtub (DIY)
8 Orange Squad Transmission Winged Skull
9 Surf Me Up Scotty Desperado On The Beach Backwash / Winged Skull
10 Couchgrass I Love My Teevee (DIY)
11 Eisenpimmel Hart Rock Teenage Rebel
12 Couchgrass Whatchamacallit (DIY)
13 Couchgrass Rubber Tits (DIY)
14 Dearly Deported Strength To Believe Funtime
15 Jordan Dead Echo (Demo)
16 Waterdown My Hopelessness And Me Victory
17 Clawfinger Breakout (Embrace The Child Inside You) Nuclear Blast
18 Daniel Johnston How I Love The Organ Music (Track 10) Stress
19 Sing Song Girl I Can't (Demo)
20 Bathtub Shitter World Dun Hole Shitjam
21 Dionysos La petite princesse aux seins écrasés L'Âge d'Or
22 Psycroptic Alpha Breed Neurotic



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