Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 April 2006

1 Nile Cast Down The Heretic Relapse / Suburban
2 Dillinger Escape Plan The Running Board Relapse / Suburban
3 Zu Farewell To The Species Xeng
4 Raxinasky Plaque Jump For Safe Pleasure Amanita
5 Chief Mart's Niz Niz Sharktea
6 tVESLA Biophil/Nekrophil (DIY)
7 Boy Omega Waltz Of December Decoder / West Side Fabrication
8 Bj÷rn Kleinhenz Something Good Mi Amante / BSF
9 Gregor Samsa Post Own
10 A Silver Mount Zion Horses In The Sky Constellation
11 Architecture In Helsinki Neverevereverdid Bar/None
12 Stella The First And The Last Day Of Love L'┬ge D'Or
13 Eisenpimmel Gro▀e Gurke Teenage Rebel
14 Kumpelbasis Generalausstieg Intensive Sacre
15 Shock Nagasaki I Get High On Low Society Rebellion
16 Singsong-Girl I Can't (DIY)
17 Locas In Love Lovesongs (DIY)
18 MeLL Les trottoirs d'en face AND
19 Planetakis Beautiful Today PIAS
20 Katze Der Brief What's So Funny About


Festival "Fin du Frigo": Katze, Planetakis, MeLL, Locas In Love, Singsong-Girl

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