Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 September 2006

1 LipService Red Shift (DIY)
2 S.P.Q.R.T. Lipstick Rakete
3 Dustsucker Jack Knife Rendezvous Limb
4 Terrorwheel Say No To Religion Massacre
5 Vald Waiting For The Angels To Cry Treason Troops
6 Send More Paramedics Blood Fever In At The Deep End
7 Bathtub Shitter Big Hip Pig Shit Jam
8 Heavy Heavy Low Low Are You Okay, Kiddo? Ferret
9 Twelve Tribes Muzzle Order Ferret
10 DeadBoyDreaming Swallow My Silence (DIY)
11 Draconian The Dying Napalm
12 Tyr Torsteins Kvaedi Napalm
13 Domain Don't Pay The Ferryman Limb
14 The Awakening The Neon Sky Massacre
15 Perturbazione Animalia Mescal
16 Locas In Love Lovesongs Hobby Deluxe
17 Emilie Bold Gouttes de lait (DIY)
18 Kitshickers ...And What Else Do You Need? Winged Skull
19 Luke Wrong By Far Tumbleweed / Winged Skull
20 Peaches Downtown XL
21 Crooner Alley Ça sent le sapin Hounddog
22 Wicked Immigrant Pyramid Law Friendly Psychics Music
23 Flowers Of Romance Search And Destroy Ligo
24 Breamgod 82 Days Fullhouse
25 Breamgod Scars Fullhouse
26 Breamgod Behind These Walls Fullhouse



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