Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 October 2006

1 Bear Quartet Ambulance WSF
2 Man Made Suicide Lullaby Of Anger / Words Of Farewell (DIY)
3 Man Made Suicide Forlorn / Blind Faith (DIY)
4 Man Made Suicide The Story Of Me (DIY)
5 Man Made Suicide Human-Inhuman (DIY)
6 Man Made Suicide Don't Think, Don't Make, Don't Listen (DIY)
7 DeadBoyDreaming Adult Song (DIY)
8 Clean State Biowar (DIY)
9 Abstract Rapture Spiral Eternal (DIY)
10 Communicaution Just What I Needed Winged Skull
11 Kitshickers Roquefort Winged Skull
12 The Horror The Horror Ipanema Tapete
13 Holy National Victims Longlife Painful Chase Winged Skull
14 Sing Song Girl Lucky Me Panoplie
15 Juliette And The Licks Bullshit King PIAS
16 Danny & The Nightmares Hell Chick Of Rock'n'Roll Sympathy For The Record Industry
17 John McAsskill School's Out Noiseworks
18 Downward Candidate Distort & Confuse (DIY)


Man Made Suicide

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