Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 5 November 2006

1 Quantum Fantay Trip Escape Pete's Mushroomland
2 Space Mirrors Death Inc. Sleaszy Rider
3 Versus You Marathon Fond Of Life
4 Versus You Crush Fond Of Life
5 Swervedriver The Birds Castle
6 Versus You That's One Nice Thing About Carousels, They Always Play The Same Songs Fond Of Life
7 Dinosaur Jr Freak Scene Warner
8 Versus You February Smiles Fond Of Life
9 Killing Joke Complications EG
10 Nova Drive I Come To Say Goodbye Blunoise
11 Spookey Ruben Ausfahrt Walsrode Lamm
12 Harmful No Matter Steamhammer / SPV
13 Daniel Johnston I Picture Myself With A Guitar Stress
14 Spitalfield The Only Thing That Matters Victory
15 Criminal Element Career Criminal Emetic
16 Four Letter Lie Naked Girl Avalanche Victory
17 Ahab The Pacific Napalm
18 Ahab Old Thunder Napalm


Versus You, Ahab

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