Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 November 2006

1 The Ocean Une saison en enfer Metal Blade
2 Don Vito Daddy Longleg Tremor Panda
3 Akroma L'Orgueil Thundering
4 [lo:mueso] L'Smolarek Firmamento Aloud Music
5 Easyway Hush Baby Funtime
6 Luke Wrong By Far Tumbleweed / Winged Skull
7 Saalschutz Das Lied mit den Suggestivfragen What's So Funny About
8 Enhuma The Last Cartoon Figurine Burlesque
9 Enhuma Trickery Figurine Burlesque
10 Enhuma White Cowboy Without Shoes Figurine Burlesque
11 Enhuma Stridulation gourmande coeur ouvert Figurine Burlesque
12 Enhuma Allen Figurine Burlesque
13 Spookey Ruben These Days Are Old Lamm
14 Emirsian Wide Awake Nois-O-Lution
15 Daniel Johnston I Remember Painfully Stress
16 John McAsskill School's Out Noiseworks
17 Draconian The Dying Napalm
18 Draconian The Gothic Embrace Napalm


Enhuma, Draconian

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