Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 3 December 2006

1 Psychopunch On The Stereo Silverdust
2 Unrest Go To Hell Massacre
3 Bakers Dozen Always Be A Name Unknown Rebellion
4 Discharger The Voice Of A New Generation Rebellion
5 Marching Orders Nihilistic Rebellion
6 Teamkiller All Time Low Dead Serious
7 Second Base Punk Is Trash No More Burned Star / Funtime
8 Endwell The End Victory
9 Have Heart The Unbreakable Bridge Nine
10 Death Before Dishonor 6.6.6. (Friends Family Forever) Bridge Nine
11 Scars Of Tomorrow Lost In The Moment Victory
12 DSK My Reason To Kill Thundering
13 After All Blackest Moon Dockyard 1
14 This Ending Pitch Black Metal Blade
15 Contradiction The Warchitect Armageddon
16 Unleashed Age Of The Warrior Steamhammer / SPV
17 The Ian Fays The Dance Song Homesleep
18 Morph Pilatus Tumbleweed
19 Boxhamsters Es regnet Bad Moon
20 IG - Ivana Gatti & Gianni Maroccolo Resta River Nile
21 Abstract Rapture Dead End Entry (DIY)
22 Ophidian The Sentence (DIY)
23 Daniel Johnston & The Rhythm Rats I Stand Horrified Seminal Twang
24 Le Singe Blanc Rashmoune Keben
25 Distribution As Rhythm (track 2 - untitled) JMF
26 De/Vision Foreigner Drakkar
27 Hypnos 69 The Eclectic Measure Electrohasch
28 Heavy Heavy Low Low I Forgot Two And A Half Days Ferret
29 Heavy Heavy Low Low Mall-Nutrition Ferret
30 Heavy Heavy Low Low Buddy, You’re Making No Sense Ferret


Heavy Heavy Low Low

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