Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 January 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Seven Mile Journey Through The Alter Ego Justifications The Journey Studies fono'gram
2 Akroma L'Avarice Sept Thundering
3 Satanic Angel Blessed By The Curse Raping Christ Deadsun
4 Impious The Confession Holy Murder Masquerade Metal Blade
5 Black Messiah Die Sühne des Feuerbringers Of Myths And Legends AFM
6 Battlelore Ocean's Elysium Evernight Napalm
7 Mylidian Pleasures Of Pain Birth Of The Prophet Anvil
8 Pain Of Salvation America Scarsick InsideOut
9 Kostarev Group A-theist Hacker Works 1978-2006 RAIG
10 Daniel Johnston An Idiot's End Songs Of Pain Stress
11 Raftside Cardiac Palpitation In Defence Of Rock! Winged Skull
12 Everwaiting Serenade The Caress The Caress (DIY)
13 Ex-Inferis Adonai Defunctus In Heresi DaliTec
14 Eternal Tango Jackie Boy Is Leaving Town (Advance) (DIY)
15 Fast Friday Step In Line The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste (DIY)
16 Death Before Dishonor Never Again Friends Family Forever Bridge Nine
17 Subterfuge Carver Equals Deathcore Beta (DIY)
18 Solitude Aeturnus Blessed Be The Dead Alone Massacre
19 Solitude Aeturnus Scent Of Death Alone Massacre


Solitude Aeturnus

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