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Playlist 21 January 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Action Action Chemical Frustration An Army Of Shapes Between Wars Victory
2 Principal Trade Center Sirke (Remix) DisAgreement 16 Noiseworks
3 A Day To Remember Speak Of The Devil For Those Who Have Heart Victory
4 Violent Divine Let's Go Sweden Sounds At PopKomm 2006 Misty
5 Since The Flood I Am Revenge No Compromise Metal Blade
6 Jordan The Muse And The Blind Partner (Demo) Motoneige
7 Pain Of Salvation Spitfall Scarsick InsideOut
8 Genaro Garp 52 British Music at PopKomm 06 Benbecula
9 Daniel Johnston If I Kissed You Once The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
10 Las Maņanitas Pack deine Sachen WüstEnde Noiseworks
11 Hypnos 69 I And You And Me (II) The Eclectic Measure Elektrohasch
12 Les Aus El Matagalls Pop Rock From Catalonia 2006 Ozonkids
13 Palehorse 1948 Amongst The Flock Bridge Nine
14 Scars Of Tomorrow The Failure In Drowning The Failure In Drowning Victory
15 Spiritualized The Straight And The Narrow Let It Come Down Arista
16 Locas In Love Wir fangen von vorne an Wir fangen von vorne an Sitzer
17 Afterhours The Thin White Line Ballads For Little Hyenas One Little Indian
18 Couchgrass AA Queesch 15 Queesch
19 Bathtub Shitter Fuck Hip Raper Shitter At Salzgitter Power It Up
20 Lt. Mosh Hula-Hop im Korsett Ox CD 52 Zeitstrafe
21 Nova Drive Black Haired Man Headtrip Blunoise
22 This Ending Pitch Black Inside The Machine Metal Blade
23 This Ending Lidless Eyes Inside The Machine Metal Blade
24 This Ending Armageddon Inside The Machine Metal Blade


This Ending

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