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Playlist 18 March 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Fragments Of Unbecoming Weave Their Barren Path Sterling Black Icon Metal Blade
2 Emmure 10 Signs You Should Leave Goodbye To The Gallows Victory
3 Rituals Leave This Town In Flames The Past Twelve Months Wynona
4 Nostradameus Wall Of Anger Pathway AFM
5 Duster 69 Upcoming Angel King Decibell
6 Radar Hometrainer Rollsplitt Home Sweet Home
7 The Gathering Alone Home Sanctuary
8 Jesus On Extasy Nuclear Bitch Holy Beauty Drakkar
9 Nowhere Fast Burn My Skin Queesch Compilation Queesch
10 London Sofa Space SS Everybody Wants To Have A Good Life (DIY)
11 Prince Edward Island It's All Over Bar The Shouting Lies To Tell Tourists Baby Boom
12 Scarrots Paradise Paralyse The Sound Of Being Lost Funtime
13 Maserati Wires Were Towers Confines Of Heat Kindercore
14 Metro The Red Star Song Metro (DIY)
15 Raftside Johnny's Dead Opinion Lieder (DIY)
16 Everwaiting Serenade Vultures In Angel Disguises The Caress (DIY)
17 crashzendo Wandering Panasonic Spirit Moon (DIY)
18 I Knew It Hurray Brick Into The Heart More Hits: Hurray (DIY)
19 Emerald Sun Scream Out Loud Escape From Twilight Limb
20 Helloween Mr Torture Live In Sao Paolo Steamhammer / SPV
21 Helloween I Want Out Live In Sao Paolo Steamhammer / SPV


Helloween (Part 2)

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