Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 May 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 John McAsskill Freezo Zombro Dirty 4 Records 4Peace
2 Radar Coda Rollsplitt Sweet Home
3 Grand Island Vanity Say No To Sin Haldern Pop
4 Midwinter The Silence In Your Eyes The Glassy Waters Thundering
5 Xandria Only For The Stars In Your Eyes Salome (The Seventh Veil) Drakkar
6 Visions Of Atlantis Passing Dead End Trinity Napalm
7 Autumn My New Time My New Time Metal Blade
8 Redemption Memory The Origins Of Ruin InsideOut
9 Serenity Canopus Words Untold & Dreams Unlived Napalm
10 John 5 The Werewolf Of Westeria The Devil Knows My Name Mascot
11 Daniel Johnston Impossible Love Rejected Unknown Gammon
12 Geschmeido Auf Wiedersehen Auf Wiedersehen Tapete
13 Eldritch Silent Flame Blackenday Limb
14 Powerwolf Saturday Satan Lupus Dei Metal Blade
15 Virgin Black Midnight's Hymn Requiem - Mezzo Forte Massacre
16 Manticora Beauty Will Fade The Black Circus (Part 2 - Disclosure) Locomotive
17 Vomitory Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize Metal Blade
18 Vomitory The Burning Black Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize Metal Blade
19 Vomitory Heresy Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize Metal Blade



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