Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 July 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Luke Wrong By Far The Order Failed The Dream Tumbleweed / Winged Skull
2 June Finally Make It Blur Victory
3 Boys Night Out Let Me Be Your Swear Word Boys Night Out Ferret
4 La Fa Connected Third Person Monologue Urban (DIY)
5 Guajiro Mulatona Material Subversivo I Scream
6 Moho Gargantor Waterloo Underhill
7 Fueled By Fire Thrash Is Back Spread The Fire Metal Blade
8 Tankard Chemical Invasion Best Case Scenario AFM
9 Mekong Delta Ratters Lurking Fear AFM
10 Sickening Horror This Cold Funeral When Landscapes Bled Backwards Neurotic
11 Compression (Track 1) Battle Of The Ants Hard Volume
12 Blood Stain Child Pitch Black Room Mozaiq Dockyard 1
13 Daniel Johnston Just Like A Wido Respect Stress
14 Beowülf Soaked Westminster & 5th I Scream
15 Far From Finished The Imposter Living In The Fallout People Like You
16 Flippin' Beans Oil Business And War Everything's Fine... Act Brave And Die Full House
17 Cursed Wij leven als God in Frankrijk Room Full Of Sinners Locomotive
18 SoulTakers Heaven's Pillars Flies In A Jar Dragonheart
19 Seventh Calling Dead Mind's Eye Monuments Melissa
20 Visceral Bleeding Perpetual Torment Commence Absorbing The Disarray Neurotic
21 Autumn Satellites My New Time Metal Blade
22 Autumn Communication On Opium My New Time Metal Blade
23 Autumn Epilogue (What's Done Is Done) My New Time Metal Blade



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