Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 30 September 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Phideaux Long And Lonely Way The Great Leap Bloodfish
2 Riverside 02 Panic Room Rapid Eye Movement InsideOut
3 Sieges Even When Alpha And Omega Collide Paramount InsideOut
4 Eldritch To Be Or Not To Be (God) El Niņo Limb
5 Kragens Lake Of Fire Infight Thundering / Locomotive
6 Meliah Rage Curse The Deep And Dreamless Sleep Locomotive
7 Raging Speedhorn Dignity Stripper Before The Sea Was Built Steamhammer / SPV
8 Ensis How To Love My Foolish Mind Overture (The Burning Shrine Of Hypocrisy) (DIY)
9 Aeon Spreading Their Disease Rise To Dominate Metal Blade
10 Enthroned Pray Tetra Karcist Napalm
11 Chthonic The Breath of Ocean A Decade on the Throne Tra / SPV
12 Emirsian Pure Aftertaste A Gentle Kind Of Disaster Noisolution
13 Mardi Life Is Lonely The Exile Itch Hazelwood
14 Generators My Best Regards The Great Divide People Like You
15 Hollywood Porn Stars Andy Satellites Naīve
16 Daniel Johnston Laurie Artistic Vice Knitting Factory
17 Club Of High Eyebrows Pretty Blank Older Now Hazelwood
18 Sheeduz Sick Boy A Frozen Moment (Advance)
19 Tornado Tourist Ended In Chaos Session I / Summer 2007 (DIY)
20 Killbots The Whore (Without A Name) Killbots Funtime
21 The Deep Eynde Casualty Of Love Bad Blood People Like You
22 The Deep Eynde We Don’t Care About You Bad Blood People Like You
23 The Deep Eynde Date From Hell Bad Blood People Like You


The Deep Eynde

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