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Playlist 16 December 2007

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Everwaiting Serenade Starspreading Implosion The Caress (DIY)
2 Jeroan Drive Jar Full Of Painkillers The Stones Remain In Silence Yesterday's Gone
3 Crime In Stereo Animal Pharm Crime In Stereo Is Dead Bridge Nine
4 Driver Side Impact The Heist The Very Air We Breathe Victory
5 1997 Garden Of Evil A Better View Of The Rising Moon Victory
6 Foxy Shazam The Rocketeer Introducing Ferret
7 Moros Eros The View From Below Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity Victory
8 This Is A Standoff Climb The Ladder Be Excited Funtime
9 Situations Fashion Girl Get The Basics Beyond Your Mind
10 Daniel Johnston Living Life Songs Of Pain Stress
11 Les Johnny's 90 Compteur Bagnole Split-10" Hound Dog
12 Lord Bishop Rocks Wrong Side Dirty Jams Dirty Earth
13 Tying Tiffany I Wanna Be Your MP3 Brain For Breakfast I Scream
14 George Korein Love Is For Pansies Too Many Days Peacific
15 Musical Buzzino Big Wheel Tales From My Pocket Pocket Heaven
16 Inborn Zeitgeist Orchestra Chef d'Oeuvre The Finest Noise
17 Gorefest Fear Fear EP Nuclear Blast
18 P.O. Box Look What You Have Done ...And The Lipstick Traces Long Beach
19 Kunn & The Magic Muffins Fire On Babylon Don't Burn My Paradise Winged Skull
20 Eternal Tango Narya, Narya... So Glad You Found Your Way First Round At The Sissi Café Anker
21 Streetlight Manifesto One Foot On The Gas, One Foot In The Grave Somewhere In Between Victory
22 Sieges Even Tidal Paramount InsideOut
23 Dark The Suns The Sleeping Beauty In Darkness Comes Beauty Firebox
24 Depressed Mode Words Of Silence Ghosts Of Devotion Firebox
25 Depressed Mode Suffer In Darkness Ghosts Of Devotion Firebox
26 Depressed Mode Alone Ghosts Of Devotion Firebox


Depressed Mode

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