Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 13 January 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Impious The Confession Holy Murder Masquerade Metal Blade
2 I Knew It: Hurray! Zugegeben es ist New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
3 I Knew It: Hurray! Xenie New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
4 I Knew It: Hurray! Out Of Limits... New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
5 I Knew It: Hurray! Was damals neu war New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
6 I Knew It: Hurray! The Last New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
7 I Knew It: Hurray! Angstbach New Hits: Hurray! (DIY)
8 Spider Rockets Helter Skelter Ever After Locomotive
9 Tech-9 Stranded Nine Lives I Scream
10 Fast Friday Breathe Your Life Gambling With The Truth (DIY)
11 Planetakis Beautiful Today Beautiful Today Crafty
12 Daniel Johnston Lonely Song Lost And Found Sketchbook
13 Hubertus Tut Weh Nie Mehr Micropal
14 Boomhauer Elephant Stomp River Run Deep Tug
15 Death & Taxes Broken Promises Tattooed Hearts & Broken Promises I Scream
16 King Automatic London NCY 54 (Track 7) Split-10" Hound Dog
17 Jaya The Cat Chemical Salvation Late Night Transmissions With... I Scream
18 Another Kind Of Death Car Crash Sleepless Every Night Underhill
19 Ashura My Cold Fury Legacy Of Hatred Thundering
20 Ashura The Legacy Of Hatred Legacy Of Hatred Thundering
21 Ashura Eye Of The D.R.E.A.D. Legacy Of Hatred Thundering


I Knew It: Hurray!, Ashura

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