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Playlist 3 February 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 LoveHateHero Goodbye My Love White Lies Ferret
2 This Is Hell Infected Misfortunes Trustkill
3 This Is A Standoff There's A Little Lemoncello In Everyone Be Excited Funtime
4 Gwen Stacy The Path To Certainty The Life I Know Ferret
5 Too Pure To Die It Won't Hurt Confidence And Consequence Trustkill
6 In Aeternum Curse Of Devastation Curse Of Devastation Pulverised
7 21 Lucifers Violence In The Name Of… Pulverised
8 Satariel Hogtied Angel Chifra Pulverised
9 Vanmakt Sanguine Craving Vredskapta Markersagor Pulverised
10 Stormwarrior Heading Northe Heading Northe Dockyard 1
11 Neverland Mankind Is A Lie Reversing Time AFM
12 Fury'N Grace Black Art Tales Of The Arabesque And The Grotesque Dragonheart
13 Tiles Hide In My Shadow Fly Paper InsideOut
14 Seven Mile Journey Identity Journals (anonymous) The Metamorphosis Project fono'gram
15 Bosch's With You Episode #3 (Dreams That Come A Thing) Dreams That Come A Thing "Part One... Never Thought It May Seem..." RAIG
16 Daniel Johnston Long Ago Far Away Danny And The Nightmares (DIY)
17 Vesania Infinity Horizon Distractive Killusions Napalm
18 Vesania Hell Is For Children Distractive Killusions Napalm
19 Vesania The Dawnfall Distractive Killusions Napalm



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