Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 April 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Six Feet Under Doomsday Commandment Metal Blade
2 Man Made Suicide Day Dream Demo 2008 (DIY)
3 Man Made Suicide Black Box Demo 2008 (DIY)
4 Man Made Suicide Fucking Bitch Song Demo 2008 (DIY)
5 Man Made Suicide In Vain Demo 2008 (DIY)
6 Dantesco Santa Croce Titulus Pagano Cruz Del Sur
7 Agrarians Married Life Masters Married Life Masters (DIY)
8 Daniel Johnston Love Is For Losers Danny And The Nightmares (DIY)
9 Immune When We Faint Not Until Morning Eglantine
10 Missouri Old School Meeting Coming Down The Hill With A Picturesque View Micropal
11 Fidget 5 Min. Left Ashes & Dust Redfield
12 Parachutes March Of The Machines Vultures Redfield
13 Trip Fontaine Astronaut Dinosaurs In Rocketships Redfield
14 Trip Fontaine Rio, How Nice… Dinosaurs In Rocketships Redfield
15 Trip Fontaine Some Use Many Eyes Dinosaurs In Rocketships Redfield


Man Made Suicide, Trip Fontaine

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