Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 11 May 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Korpiklaani Let's Drink Tervaskanto Napalm
2 Pharaoh Dark New Life Be Gone Cruz Del Sur
3 Power Quest Cemetary Gates Master Of Illusion Napalm
4 Steel Scream Spitfire Lock N' Load And Get Ready (DIY)
5 Transcending Bizarre? Irreversible The Serpent's Manifolds Dissonart
6 Ayreon Elected Elected (Single) InsideOut
7 Dustsucker Dig Your Own Grave Diabolo Domination Limb
8 Memphis May Fire Therapy Caravan Of The Fair Room Memphis May Fire Trustkill
9 On Fire The Last Crusade Masquerades Shield
10 Cross X Question Authority Question Authority... (DIY)
11 Angst vor Clowns Stewardess Angst vor Clowns Blunoise
12 HORSE The Band I Think We Are Both Suffering from the Same Crushing Metaphysical Crisis A Natural Death Ferret
13 Desert Planet Blade Runner Moonrocks 9pm
14 Might Sink Ships Domesticated Lover Even Nothing Is Definite Sweet Home
15 Cocorosie Animals The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn Touch & Go
16 Björn Kleinhenz Fast And Slow Did You d:qliq? 2 Grand Duchy Grooves
17 Everwaiting Serenade Miles Behind The Pioneers Demo 2007 (DIY)
18 Fast Friday Fashion Is Dead Gambling With The Truth (DIY)
19 Clean State Sincerely Yours (untitled advance) (DIY)
20 Ensis Neverending Battle Overture (The Burning Shrine Of Hypocrisy) (DIY)
21 Retrace My Fragments Entre Deux Vertizontal (DIY)
22 Daniel Johnston Love Is Weird The Lost Recordings Stress
23 Sticht Ghosts Of Love Small City Lights Micropal
24 Tech-9 Nine Lives Nine Lives I Scream
25 Tech-9 Carry On Nine Lives I Scream
26 Tech-9 To Live Is To Die Nine Lives I Scream



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