Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 May 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Boys Night Out The Push And Pull Boys Night Out Ferret
2 Eric Rosenfeld Bus Stop 529 Winged Skull
3 Hal Flavin SPQR Hal Flavin LiLi Is Pi
4 Traumkapitän God Song Virtue Comical (DIY)
5 Traumkapitän The Get Knotted Shop Virtue Comical (DIY)
6 Traumkapitän House Of Glass Virtue Comical (DIY)
7 Traumkapitän Tiger Cage Virtue Comical (DIY)
8 Traumkapitän Mr Self-Dynamical Virtue Comical (DIY)
9 Giovanni Ferrario The Story Of Your Life Headquarter Delirium Pocket Heaven
10 Kayo Dot Right Hand Is The One I Want Blue Lambency Downward Hydra Head
11 Gregor Samsa Pseudonyms Did You d:qliq? 2 Grand Duchy Grooves
12 Parachutes March Of The Machines Vultures Redfield
13 Hate Eternal Bringer Of Storms Fury & Flames Metal Blade
14 Do Androïds Dream Of Electric Sheep? Potemkin Revisited Snapshot Lamento Blade Runner / Winged Skull
15 Retrace My Fragments Les saisons du coeur Vertizontal (DIY)
16 Boomhauer Stranger On A Train River Run Deep Tug
17 Boomhauer Crow Fly Down River Run Deep Tug
18 Boomhauer River Run Deep River Run Deep Tug


Traumkapitän, Boomhauer

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