Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 June 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Mob Ghost Track Polygon Quartermain
2 Cincinnati Elite 1831 (We Dance As Baptist Warriors) Triumvirate Blues, Man Well-Dressed
3 Krestovsky Local Dive Triumvirate Blues, Man Well-Dressed
4 Agrarians The Northern Woods Thereof Triumvirate Blues, Man Well-Dressed
5 Jad Fair & Jason Willett Arabella The Sounds Of Megaphone Unlimited MT6
6 Daniel Johnston Love Of My Life Artistic Vice Knitting Factory
7 Allella Boyz Stupid Allella Allella Time Winged Skull / 6mic
8 Sugafree My Life My Life Winged Skull / 6mic
9 Texas Faggott Narkpsy Kininigin Exogenic
10 Unleashed The Greatest Of All Lies Hammer Battalion Steamhammer / SPV
11 Infect No Changes This Is Death (Demo)
12 Sotajumala Arkku Vailla Vainajaa Teloitus Woodcut
13 Hail Of Bullets Advancing Once More ...Of Frost And War Metal Blade
14 Keep Of Kalessin A New Empire’s Birth Kolossus Indie
15 Eric Rosenfeld A Thousand Miles To Your Heart 529 Winged Skull
16 atthebusstop Peter Pan (Goodnight Version) Did You d:qliq? 2 Grand Duchy Grooves
17 Giovanni Ferrario Delirium Headquarters Headquarter Delirium Pocket Heaven
18 Utopium Sandstorm No Memory Man Planet Of Sounds
19 Late Night Venture Condition Lost Late Night Venture Quartermain
20 Peacocks Happened Before Gimme More (The Best Of The Rest & Leftovers) People Like You
21 P. Paul Fenech What Kind Of Spell You Use (To Hold My Demon Heart) Skitzofenech People Like You
22 Amaseffer Slaves For Life Exodus (Slaves For Life) InsideOut
23 Exciter Thrash Speed Burn Thrash, Speed, Burn Massacre
24 Exciter Massacre Mountain Thrash, Speed, Burn Massacre



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